Treat depression with medical cannabis

Depression follows you through your day and could not be treated successfully until now? With medical cannabis we are at your side.

Cannabinoid therapy at a glance

The cannabinoids THC and CBD from medical cannabis can help with your depression. [1,2]

They have a mood-regulating effect and can quickly lighten your state of mind. [3]

Compared to classic antidepressants, medical cannabis may bring fewer side effects. [4]

Our therapy offer works with modern, digital processes and takes place via video. Only the initial consultation is conducted on site.

It is free of charge until your first appointment. You can easily find out from home whether the therapy is suitable for you.

You want to learn more about the difference between medical cannabis and CBD?

Natural therapy against depression

Depression is a widespread disease. It is assumed that around one fifth of all Germans suffer from depression or chronic depressive mood at least once in their lives. The symptoms are varied and range from a drop in performance and loss of appetite to sleep disturbances. Various physical complaints may also occur. In the further course, anxiety is added, sadness or feelings of indifference. An inner restlessness becomes a daily companion for those affected.

The most common causes of depression

The possible causes of depression are manifold and vary from person to person. They range from genetic predisposition and neurobiological disorders to certain developmental and personality factors that, when combined, can lead to depression. People who suffer from depression have a lower tolerance for emotional and physical stress than healthy people. As a rule, a stressful single event triggers a depressive episode, such as a separation or the death of a close person.

Depression is not usually felt evenly, but runs in episodes. This means that there are phases in which the sufferer is well and feels a positive mood, followed by phases in which their life is dominated by sadness. It can also happen that people suffer a depressive episode only once and then never again.

There are numerous different treatment approaches for the therapy of depression. Particularly when the symptoms become chronic, people increasingly resort to medicinal antidepressants for treatment. However, these can also have severe side effects if used over a long period of time.

Cannabinoid therapy alleviates depression

Medical cannabis can be used to treat chronic, treatment-resistant depression and stabilize your emotions during a depressive episode. Unlike antidepressants, cannabinoid therapy is often associated with only minor side effects and is often used as a complement to psychotherapy or when antidepressants fail to work or place too much stress on the patient.

We value a modern approach to treatment: that's why the meetings with our doctors take place digitally. This saves you time and allows you to talk to only the best doctors in the field without having to travel across Germany. Only the initial consultation takes place on site. At the same time, our modern processes free up time for our doctors to invest in the personal treatment of your depression. Start your cannabinoid therapy with Algea Care today from the comfort of your own home - together against depression.


"My drive and motivation have improved a lot. I also notice that by adjusting the dosage, I am much more focused during the day and it is easier for me to face my fears."

- Bernhard R. (37) Patient

"Super friendly and competent! No waiting time for appointments, it is finally made possible for me to live a more worthwhile life without mental negative spirals."

- Thomas H. (35) Patient