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Our partners

We work with a variety of companies to get you the best possible treatment with medical cannabis.


Storz & Bickel is a true pioneer: As the world’s first and only manufacturer of cannabinoid vaporizers, it has been developing innovative products for use in cannabinoid therapy for almost 20 years. In 1996, Markus Storz developed the first prototype of the VOLCANO vaporizer, which is now known worldwide. MIGHTY MEDIC and VOLCANO MEDIC 2 are certified medical devices for the inhalation of cannabinoids. With the help of the vaporizers, the active substances are absorbed into the human body through the lungs. The aim is to achieve a fast effect while avoiding harmful substances from combustion. Studies have shown that at least one third of the cannabinoids present in the device enter our bloodstream and take effect quickly.


Breezy is your online store for therapy accessories for the treatment with medical cannabis. In addition to vaporizers specifically designed for medical treatment, Breezy also offers a variety of complementary products to support your therapy. In addition to selling therapy accessories, Breezy also offers individual purchase consultations to its customers.

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