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Medical cannabis has a very broad therapeutic spectrum. It can therefore provide relief for a whole range of symptoms and diseases – each case is different and must be discussed with the attending physician. Among dozens of other diseases, the therapy is used especially for chronic pain, migraine, ADHD, depression and sleep disorders.
Cannabinoid therapy can be useful if there are serious chronic complaints of a physical or psychological nature that could not be conclusively treated successfully up to now, or whose treatment with the previous means was not tolerable for the patient, e.g. due to side effects. Cannabis therapy can thus be applied as an alternative or also as a supplement to existing medication.
Since 10 March 2017, when the “Cannabis as Medicine” Act was passed, it has been legal to prescribe medical cannabis without an exemption. For this, you need a prescription from a doctor who considers the use of cannabis to be useful due to your serious, chronic illnesses. A serious illness is, for example, one that noticeably impairs your quality of life in the long term.
In order for the health insurance to cover the costs, an application must be made before the therapy begins. According to the law, this application may be rejected “only in justified exceptional cases”. However, this happens in over 50% of cases. In addition, it is also necessary that no other generally recognised medical service is available for the disease, that its side effects make its use inadvisable, or that it is out of the question for other individual reasons. Another prerequisite for cost coverage is participation in an accompanying study. For this purpose, anonymised patient data is transmitted to the Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices (BfArM) in order to research the long-term use of medicinal cannabis. Please note: reimbursement via Algea Care is not possible through a statutory health insurance, these applications can only be carried out by registered doctors with a registered office.
Private health insurance generally covers the costs of therapy with medical cannabis if there is a medical prescription for it, the patient purchases the medicine from a pharmacy, the therapy is medically necessary and complies with the rules of conventional medicine, or there are no other conventional medical means and methods available with the prospect of the same success.

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