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Chronic pain

Do you suffer from chronic pain and previous medications could not bring you sufficient relief? Our cannabinoid therapy offering can help you get relief.

Chronic pain

Do you suffer from chronic pain and previous medications could not bring you sufficient relief? Our cannabinoid therapy offering can help you get relief.

Natural treatment

Cannabinoid therapy can relieve chronic pain

Cannabinoid therapy is considered a useful supplement or alternative to classic medication for chronic pain when this has not shown sufficient effect or has been accompanied by severe side effects.The great advantage of medical cannabis is the often low side effects and the usually rapid effectiveness, which can provide rapid relief from chronic pain.

Natural therapy against chronic pain

Chronic pain is widespread in the German population and can take a wide variety of forms. It can occur in various areas of the body and restrict the life of the person affected accordingly. If pain, for example in the back, occurs for longer than three months, we usually speak of chronic pain.

The most common causes of chronic pain

The causes of chronic pain are as varied as the different forms it takes. One of the most common causes is wear and tear on the musculoskeletal system in adults, such as a herniated disc. Over the years, the body suffers more and more from the strain, which can cause long-lasting pain sooner or later.
Additional Causes
Chronic pain caused by vascular or tumor diseases is also possible, as is neuropathic pain, which can occur as a result of a stroke, for example. Chronic pain syndromes also frequently develop after accidents or operations.
In addition, migraine disorders can become chronic and be accompanied by regular, severe pain.
Pain memory
It is advisable to treat this chronic pain as soon as possible. This is because over the course of time we form a so-called pain memory. If chronic pain persists for a long time, we eventually perceive it as normal – and even if it improves with painkillers, it can subsequently recur. To avoid this, rapid and decisive treatment makes sense.

The therapy

Our innovative approach at Algea Care: We use the means of digitization to enable you to have the simplest and most personalized therapy possible, which is tailored to your needs. Therefore, the care of patients can take place digitally in certain cases – insofar as this is medically justifiable according to general professional standards
Remote treatment is not possible in every case, but only under the conditions that in compliance with recognized professional standards within the meaning of § 630a BGB (according to the current state of scientific knowledge, medical experience, which is necessary to achieve the medical treatment goal and has proven itself in testing) depending on the clinical picture, no personal contact between doctor and patient is required.
. This saves you time and gives our collaborating doctors the opportunity to fully focus on you – without a lot of paperwork and effort that keeps them from the actual work with the patients. You can start right today from home with the first steps before your possible treatment for chronic pain.

Cannabinoid therapy at a glance

Our patients

Algea Care patients share their personal experiences. See all reports.

"Chronic back pain and insomnia tormented me for years until Algea Care made a new life possible for me with their extremely professional and convenient therapeutic services. Now, I am finally almost completely free of my symptoms."

- Steffen K.

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