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The people behind Algea Care

Our team

This is our team, a bunch of happy people working hard to make you better.

This is Algea Care

The people

Dr. med. Julian Wichmann
CEO & Founder
Board-certified radiologist and digital health expert. Combining an eye for detail with the vision to reinvent cannabis treatment through constant technical innovation.
Paul Thies
Chief Operating Officer
Holistic leader and expert in organizational development and expansion of companies as well as strategic management. Extensive expertise in the digital transformation of marketing and sales as well as the development of employees and organizations.
Dr. med. Lisa Schmidberg
Vice President, Medical
Medical doctor specialized in cannabis-based treatment. Reinventing workflows for doctors to define therapy guidelines and focus attention back on patients instead of paperwork.
Parasto Mahourvand, B.A.
Director, Retail Practices
Many years of experience in company management and founding. Adds international management skills to the rapidly growing corporate culture and creates a comfortable environment for patients and doctors during initial consultations.
Julia Meroth
Director, HR Operations
Defining the company culture of Algea Care. Using her people skills to bring the best new employees into the team. Using her real estate expertise to drive the company expansion.
Sandra Witt​
Director, Physician Organization​

Business economist in social and health care, specialized in process optimization and implementation. Responsible for physician management and medical recruiting, she is the first point of contact for all organizational questions on the part of the cooperating physicians.

Christian Scholze
Manager, Medical Research

Specialist in evidence-based research with a great passion for medicine and always full focus on the patients. In addition to his studies in forensic analytics and biomedicine, his expertise is also based on experience in the pharmaceutical industry as well as academic and clinical research in international teams.

Jennifer Plankenbühler
Manager, PR & Communications
Creative communications expert with many years of experience, including in health communications for OTC and Rx brands. As a press contact, she acts as an intermediary between patients, doctors and the media – with a particular focus on educating people about cannabis in medicine.

One of us!

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