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Is it allowed to drive with medical cannabis?

In the following article we explain the current legislation around the topic and what you have to pay attention to as a patient.


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There are a number of studies on CBD, which have achieved very promising results for different illnesses. You can find relevant studies compiled by our research team in our research section.
Since 10 March 2017, when the “Cannabis as Medicine” Act was passed, it has been legal to prescribe medical cannabis without an exemption. For this, you need a prescription from a doctor who considers the use of cannabis to be useful due to your serious, chronic illnesses. A serious illness is, for example, one that noticeably impairs your quality of life in the long term.
Medical cannabis has a very broad therapeutic spectrum. It can therefore provide relief for a range of symptoms and diseases – each case is different and must be discussed with the attending physician. Among dozens of other diseases, the therapy is used mostly used for chronic pain, migraine, ADHD, depression and sleep disorders.

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