Treat sleep disorders with medical cannabis

Do you suffer from sleep disorders and would like to finally sleep in and through the night again? Our cannabinoid therapy offer can help you finally achieve restful sleep again.

Cannabinoid therapy at a glance

The cannabinoids THC and CBD from medical cannabis can provide a sound and restful sleep. [1]

They can have a calming effect that reduces your stress and allows your body to rest. [4]

Medical cannabis may be particularly poor in side effects compared to traditional sleep medications. [2,3]

Cannabinoid therapy often allows patients to finally sleep soundly again.

Until our first appointment together, the process is free of charge for you. This way you can easily find out if the therapy is right for you.

You want to learn more about the difference between medical cannabis and CBD?

Natural therapy against sleep disorders

Chronic sleep disorders are widespread in Germany. If there is a lack of sleep on individual nights, our body can still compensate for it. However, if the sleep deprivation occurs over months, as in the case of chronic sleep disorders, it seriously endangers our health and treatment becomes necessary. Otherwise, this stress can lead to further illnesses.

The most common causes of sleep disorders

The causes of chronic sleep disorders are manifold: stress is most often responsible for restless nights. In general, psychological burdens that we continue to carry around with us when we go to bed. In addition to our psyche, external conditions can also reduce the quality of our sleep: too much light, too much noise, or the blue, activating light from our smartphones or other digital devices, which reduces the release of our sleep hormone. All of this can cause us to fall asleep later and have a harder time sleeping through the night. Sleep disorders also occur very frequently as an accompanying symptom of other major illnesses, such as chronic pain.

There are many ways in which sleep can be optimized. A healthy diet, fixed sleeping times, adjusting external conditions, psychotherapy or methods of relaxation, such as meditation, increase the quality of our sleep.

Cannabinoid therapy reduces sleep disorders

If previous attempts at treatment with medication do not work or lead to severe side effects, cannabinoid therapy can be a useful addition to the measures just mentioned. Medical cannabis can not only help you fall asleep faster, but can also help you sleep longer. It can also reduce stress during the day and have a calming effect. Since sleep disorders often occur as an accompanying symptom of a main disease such as chronic pain syndromes, a cannabinoid therapy often leads to a strong alleviation of both clinical pictures.

With the help of modern technology and intelligent processes, we have developed a form of therapy in which you can easily contact our specialized doctors digitally and via video and carry out the treatment.Only the initial consultation takes place on site with one of our specialized doctors - all other appointments take place digitally. You can fill out our questionnaire right today from home and get in touch with our team to see if cannabinoid therapy can help you. The process is completely free of charge until your first appointment.


"My drive and motivation have improved a lot. I also notice that by adjusting the dosage, I am much more focused during the day and it is easier for me to face my fears."

- Bernhard R. (37) Patient

"Super friendly and competent! No waiting time for appointments, it is finally made possible for me to live a more worthwhile life without mental negative spirals."

- Thomas H. (35) Patient