Your treatment in five steps

You can easily begin the first steps of your treatment today from the comfort of your own home. Until our initial on-site consultation, the process is free of charge for you.


A modern treatment tailored to your needs

With Algea Care, we take a modern and innovative approach: the medical treatment of patients takes place almost exclusively digitally - only the initial consultation is conducted at one of our locations throughout Germany. With the help of digital processes, our specialized doctors need to invest less time in issues such as non-medical consultation and organization and thus have more time for you and your personalized treatment. Your additional advantage: a specialized support team deals with your queries 7 days a week.

Medical Cannabis

Medical cannabis contains the cannabinoids THC and CBD as well as other therapeutic substances.

A therapy with medical cannabis is used to alleviate chronic symptoms and reduce long-lasting physical conditions and disorders. If you have been affected by physical limitations for more than three months, it is considered a chronic condition. In this case, it may make sense for you to talk to our doctors and see if a therapy with medical cannabis can help you. In case of acute (less than three months) symptoms a cannabis therapy should not be considered.

Medical treatment with THC-containing medical cannabis has only been officially permitted since 2017 - and has to be prescribed by a doctor. The therapy is often used as a supplement to conventional medical treatment. Compared to standard prescription medications, the side effects can be significantly less. Medical cannabis is not a first-choice therapy and can be used as adjuvant therapy. That is why the therapy is usually used as a supplement to first-line medicine or after other treatments have failed in order to reduce the symptoms.

You want to learn more about the difference between medical cannabis and CBD?

How does it work?


Simply answer our digital questionnaire from home. Our team will get back to you with the next steps.


We will now send you forms to fill out digitally. Based on your answers, we will assess whether our doctors can help you with medical cannabis.

Medical check

Our doctors evaluate your data free of charge. After our internal review, you can start planning your first appointment.

Initial interview

The initial consultation in one of our 14 locations in Germany is the prelude to your treatment. All future appointments will be held digitally via video consultation (as medically justifiable).

Digital follow-up appointments

After the initial consultation, you will only meet us and your doctor digitally - and your cannabis medications can be shipped to you from a mail-order pharmacy of your choice.

Our offer is free of charge until your first appointment. You can easily have our doctors check from home whether cannabinoid therapy could alleviate your symptoms.

"Very kind team, very experienced doctors. Simply amazing. State-of-the-art digital healthcare, fully online. This is the future patients are wishing for. "

- Sven S. (34)

"5* aren't enough for to what I feel! From initial contact to follow-up appointments everything works perfectly. Very competent doctors and welcoming staff. I feel like I'm in excellent hands."

- Monica S. (48)