Treat chronic pain with medical cannabis

You suffer from chronic pain and previous medications could not provide you with relief? We support you with our cannabinoid therapy offer.

Cannabinoid therapy at a glance

The cannabinoids THC and CBD from medical cannabis can relieve your chronic pain. [1]

They affect the processes in your body and block the transmission of pain impulses.

Unlike many common medications, medical cannabis is often particularly poor in side effects after the acclimation period. [2,4]

We perform cannabinoid therapy completely digitally. Only for the initial consultation you will meet personally with one of our doctors.

Until the first appointment, the process is free of charge for you - so you can easily find out whether our therapy offer is suitable for you.

You want to learn more about the difference between medical cannabis and CBD?

Natural therapy against chronic pain

Chronic pain is widespread in the German population and can take a wide variety of forms. It can occur in various areas of the body and restrict the life of the person affected accordingly. If pain, for example in the back, occurs for longer than three months, we usually speak of chronic pain.

The most common causes of chronic pain

The causes of chronic pain are as varied as the different forms it takes. One of the most common causes is wear and tear on the musculoskeletal system in adults, such as a herniated disc. Over the years, the body suffers more and more from the strain, which can lead to long-lasting pain sooner or later. Also possible are chronic pain caused by vascular or tumor diseases, as well as neuropathic pain, which can occur, for example, as a result of a stroke.

Chronic pain syndromes also frequently develop after accidents or operations. In addition, migraine disorders can become chronic and be accompanied by regular, severe pain.

It is advisable to treat this chronic pain as soon as possible. This is because over the course of time we form a so-called pain memory. If chronic pain persists for a long time, we eventually perceive it as normal - and even if it improves with painkillers, it can subsequently recur. To avoid this, rapid and decisive treatment makes sense.

Cannabinoid therapy relieves chronic pain

Cannabinoid therapy is considered a useful supplement or alternative to classic medication for chronic pain when this has not shown sufficient effect or has been accompanied by severe side effects. Great advantages of medical cannabis are the often low side effects and the usually fast efficacy, which can provide rapid relief in chronic pain. Nevertheless, cannabinoids are not a first-line agent for chronic pain and are explicitly used for the treatment of refractory, persistent pain. [3]

Our innovative approach at Algea Care: We use the means of digitalization to provide you with the simplest and most personalized therapy possible, tailored precisely to your needs. That's why, apart from the initial consultation, the therapy takes place digitally. This saves you time and gives our doctors the opportunity to focus entirely on you - without a lot of paperwork and effort that keeps them from actually working with our patients. You can start the first steps of your treatment against chronic pain directly from home today.


"My drive and motivation have improved a lot. I also notice that by adjusting the dosage, I am much more focused during the day and it is easier for me to face my fears."

- Bernhard R. (37) Patient

"Super friendly and competent! No waiting time for appointments, it is finally made possible for me to live a more worthwhile life without mental negative spirals."

- Thomas H. (35) Patient