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Cannabidiol (CBD)

"Isolated high-dose CBD is also a drug from the pharmacy, but unlike THC-containing medical cannabis, it is not psychoactive. It is therefore not a "narcotic", but has primarily anti-inflammatory, analgesic, cell-protective and mood-regulating effects [1,2].

Over-the-counter CBD preparations are not suitable for medical use because the dosage is too low. In addition, there may be fluctuations regarding the quality and concentration of ingredients. Therapy with high-dose CBD from the pharmacy belongs in the hands of experienced doctors. They know what you need so that you can get better again if possible.


Algea Care – because we care

  • A medical accompaniment of your therapy by our trained specialists

  • Uncomplicated doctor's appointments - After the initial consultation on site, via video consultation in certain cases - as far as this is medically justifiable according to general professional standards* - no matter where you are

  • Support for queries 7 days a week

Until your first video consultation, the process is free for you

You can easily start today with the first steps leading up to your possible treatment from the comfort of your own home.

With Algea Care, we are pursuing a modern and innovative approach: The medical treatment of patients can take place almost exclusively digitally in certain cases, insofar as this is medically justifiable according to general professional standards*. In the case of THC therapy, the initial consultation takes place at one of our locations throughout Germany. Follow-up appointments can take place via video consultation in certain cases - insofar as this is medically justifiable according to general professional standards*.

With the help of digital processes, our specialized collaborating doctors have to invest less time in topics such as non-medical advice and organization and thus have more time for you and your personalized treatment. Your additional advantage: a specialized support team takes care of your queries 7 days a week.

CBD therapy

It's that simple

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Request treatment

Make a request for the treatment and fill out the questionnaire digitally from home. Based on your answers, we will assess whether our collaborating doctors can conduct an initial consultation with you about possible treatment with cannabidiol (CBD).


Medical Screening

Our collaborating doctors evaluate your case free of charge. After our internal review, you can start planning your first appointment. Please note: The definitive decision for or against therapy is only made after a thorough medical history and examination.


Initial interviews & Follow-ups

The initial consultation as well as all future appointments will take place online - as far as medically justifiable* according to general professional standards - and your CBD medication can be sent to you after prescription by a doctor, from a mail-order pharmacy of your choice or picked up at a local pharmacy to be picked up.

Our patients

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"Very helpful and always friendly team. Very competent and trustworthy medical consultation! High availability and quick feedback. Already looking forward to the next appointment."

- Armin N.

Your questions – our answers

We try to answer all your questions. If you have a question that we do not have an answer to here, please contact us at any time. Contact

What effect does cannabidiol (CBD) have on me?

Unlike medical cannabis, which contains THC and CBD, isolated CBD is not psychoactive. The drug has a sedative, analgesic and anticonvulsant effect.

What side effects can occur during therapy with cannbidiol (CBD)?

The most common short-term side effects of cannabinoids (CBD) include low blood pressure, dry mouth, diarrhea, loss of appetite, and fatigue.

How is cannabidiol (CBD) administered?

Isolated high-dose CBD can be taken as drops or capsules.

What are the costs for appointments for treatment with cannabidiol (CBD)?

Due to the health care mandate, it is not possible to specialize and be registered with statutory health insurance. Therefore, only private medical treatments can be offered. The costs for private medical treatment with the doctors are always incurred per appointment with the doctor. For medical treatment with CBD, costs amount to 40-50€. Billing is done according to GOÄ standards. The costs are reimbursable by private health insurance companies. Follow-up appointments take place every 2 months on average for ongoing treatment. There are no other hidden costs for ongoing care, so it is always transparent and plannable for you.

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* Remote treatment is not possible in every case, but only under the conditions that in compliance with recognized professional standards within the meaning of § 630a BGB (according to the current state of scientific knowledge, medical experience, which is necessary to achieve the medical treatment goal and has proven itself in testing) depending on the clinical picture, no personal contact between doctor and patient is required.