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Algea Care Augsburg
Philippine-Welser-Straße 21
86150 Augsburg
Algea Care Berlin
Mohrenstraße 6
10117 Berlin
Algea Care Cologne
Herzogstraße 16-20
50667 Köln
Algea Care Constance
Wollmatinger Straße 106
78467 Konstanz
Algea Care Dortmund
Widumer Platz 44
44339 Dortmund
Algea Care Dusseldorf
Dorfstraße 32a
40667 Meerbusch
Algea Care Frankfurt
Rödelheimer Bahnweg 21
60489 Frankfurt am Main
Algea Care Freiburg
Hornusstraße 18
79108 Freiburg im Breisgau
Algea Care Hamburg
Jarrestraße 2-6
22303 Hamburg
Algea Care Hanover
Lavesstraße 6
30159 Hannover
Algea Care Heidelberg
Rheinstraße 29
69126 Heidelberg
Drohnenaufnahme von Ingolstadt
Algea Care Ingolstadt
Münchener Straße 97
85051 Ingolstadt
Algea Care Karlsruhe
Amalienstraße 93
76133 Karlsruhe
Algea Care Kassel
Marburger Straße 85a
34127 Kassel
Algea Care Leipzig
Brühl 33
04109 Leipzig
Algea Care Munich
Lindwurmstraße 83 (Goetheplatz)
80337 München
Fußgängerpassage der Altstadt Münster
Algea Care Münster
Alte Dorfstraße 3
48161 Münster
Algea Care Nuremberg
Stadenstraße 93
90491 Nürnberg
Algea Care Passau
Dr. Emil-Brichta-Straße 1
94036 Passau
Algea Care Regensburg
Straubinger Straße 24
93055 Regensburg
Algea Care Saarbrücken
Bahnhofstraße 56
66111 Saarbrücken
Algea Care Stuttgart
Tübinger Str. 25
70178 Stuttgart
Algea Care Würzburg
Frankfurter Str. 62
97082 Würzburg

Your questions – our answers

We try to answer all your questions. If you have a question that we do not have an answer to here, please contact us at any time. Contact

What effect does medical cannabis have on me?

Medical cannabis can affect your body and mind in different ways. That's why an individualized and personalized treatment is essential for establishing and maintaining your health. The possible effects range from calming to blocking pain impulses to regulating and brightening your mood.

What side effects can occur?

The most common side effects include fatigue, dizziness, headaches, dry and irritated eyes, and dry mouth. Furthermore, the use of cannabis can also lead to poor concentration, mood swings, increased appetite or a slight drop in blood pressure. Rarer more serious side effects need to be discussed with the doctor during counseling due to individual risk factors. In the long term, cannabis-based medications are considered to be well tolerated, as tolerance develops after regular use. As a result, the possible side effects decrease in frequency and intensity.

Is medical cannabis addictive?

The use of medical cannabis in the course of medically supervised therapy has so far not triggered cannabis dependence, provided that no contraindications existed.

How is medical cannabis dosed?

At the beginning of a cannabis therapy, ready-to-use medicines as well as cannabis flowers and extracts are dosed gradually. The amount of the initial dose depends on the THC content and is slowly increased. The maximum prescription quantity is 100 g per 30 days.

How is medical cannabis administered?

Medical cannabis can be inhaled or taken orally. The way it is taken depends, among other things, on whether it is a ready-to-use medicine or a cannabis flower. While finished medicinal products such as Sativex and Canemes as well as cannabis extracts are taken orally, patients can inhale cannabis flowers via a vaporizer. Ingestion via smoking is not recommended due to the harmful substances. Furthermore, it is possible to take the cannabis flowers as a tea.

What are the costs for appointments for treatment with medical cannabis?

Due to the health care mandate, it is not possible to specialize and be registered with statutory health insurance. Therefore, only private medical treatments can be offered. The costs for private medical treatment with doctors are always charged per appointment with the doctor. For medical treatment with cannabis, costs amount to 100-140€. Billing is done according to GOÄ standards. The costs are possibly reimbursable by private health insurance companies. Follow-up appointments take place every 4 weeks on average for ongoing treatment. There are no other hidden costs for ongoing care, so it is always transparent and plannable for you. From the 6th appointment onwards, the cost for the doctors decreases, and reduced costs (<100€) are then passed on to the patients.

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Patient Sven S. (34j)

Patient Valon K. (30j)

"Thank you for the professional treatment of my migraine. Friendly doctors and staff. Always available and helpful. The patients' concerns are taken very seriously. What more could you ask for?"

- Elisa M.