We are

Germany's leading platform for therapy with medical cannabis

Personalized medicine tailored to your needs: we use the modern possibilities of telemedicine to make your life easier.

Future of medicine


As Algea Care, we pursue the vision of optimizing your everyday life through an innovative form of healthcare. With the help of telemedicine and treatments via video consultations with our collaborating doctors, we not only reduce your effort, but also that of the doctors - who in turn can invest the time gained in your personalized therapy. Our specialized collaborating doctors can treat you in the course while you are at home (as far as remote treatment is medically justifiable according to recognized professional standards*). Your medication can be sent to you from a mail-order pharmacy of your choice after being prescribed by a doctor, or you can pick it up at a local pharmacy. Your right to free choice of pharmacy remains of course.

The principle of our actions

Our values


Health must not fail due to a lack of time. That is why we have digitized our processes so much that in certain cases your consultation with our collaborating doctors could simply take place in your living room - via video (if remote treatment is medically justifiable according to general professional standards*). And our collaborating doctors have more time for your individual treatment.


We see the future of medicine in its personalization. Our cooperation doctors look at people, their needs and their complaints individually and respond with treatment tailored to them. This is the only way we can improve and maintain their health.


Experience has shown that many non-medical questions arise during the treatment of chronic diseases with cannabinoids. Our team therefore also looks after patients outside of consultation hours and provides competent and friendly help.


In order to develop personalized treatment options, our doctors need time. With our modern digital processes, we relieve them of as much organizational work as possible - so they can invest more time in you.


Medical cannabis is a natural medicine with often minor side effects. After all, the treatment of one of your ailments should not lead to a new different therapy. That's why we only use natural and high quality treatments.

Unser Team

This is our team,
a bunch of happy people
working hard to make you better.

  • Dr. Julian WIchmann CEO & Founder Algea Care
    Dr. Julian Wichmann, M.D.

    CEO & Founder

    Board-certified radiologist and digital health expert. Combining an eye for detail with the vision to reinvent cannabis treatment through constant technical innovation.

  • Paul Thies Chief Opertions Officer Algea Care
    Paul Thies

    Chief Operating Officer

    Holistic leader and expert in organizational development and expansion of companies as well as strategic management. Extensive expertise in the digital transformation of marketing and sales as well as the development of employees and organizations.

  • Dr. Lisa Schmidberg Vice President Medical Algea Care
    Dr. Lisa Schmidberg, M.D.

    Vice President, Medical

    Medical doctor specialized in cannabis-based treatment. Reinventing workflows for doctors to define therapy guidelines and focus attention back on patients instead of paperwork.

  • Dr. Anja Richter Director Research Algea Care
    Dr. rer. nat. Anja Richter

    Director, Research

    Neuroscientist and expert for clinical studies with medical cannabis. With her international research expertise, she is building the evidence base for treatment with medical cannabis.

  • Parasto Mahourvand Director Retail PracticesAlgea Care
    Parasto Mahourvand, B.A.

    Director, Retail Practices

    Many years of experience in company management and founding. Adds international management skills to the rapidly growing corporate culture and creates a comfortable environment for patients and doctors during initial consultations.

  • Julia Meroth Director HR Operations Algea Care
    Julia Meroth

    Director, HR Operations

    Defining the company culture of Algea Care. Using her people skills to bring the best new employees into the team. Using her real estate expertise to drive the company expansion.

  • Portraitaufnahme von Doktor Lars Atorf, Director PR & Communications Algea Care
    Dr. phil. Lars Atorf

    Director, PR & Communications

    Communications expert with many years of international management experience in the healthcare and FMCG environment. Passionate networker and team player who strategically develops public & media relations and employee engagement.

Our partners

We work with a variety of companies to get you the best possible treatment with medical cannabis.


Storz & Bickel is a true pioneer: As the world's first and only manufacturer of cannabinoid vaporizers, it has been developing innovative products for use in cannabinoid therapy for almost 20 years. In 1996, Markus Storz developed the first prototype of the VOLCANO vaporizer, which is now known worldwide. MIGHTY MEDIC and VOLCANO MEDIC 2 are certified medical devices for the inhalation of cannabinoids.

With the help of the vaporizers, the active substances are absorbed into the human body through the lungs. The aim is to achieve a fast effect while avoiding harmful substances from combustion. Studies have shown that at least one third of the cannabinoids present in the device enter our bloodstream and take effect quickly.



Breezy is your online store for therapy accessories for the treatment with medical cannabis. In addition to vaporizers specifically designed for medical treatment, Breezy also offers a variety of complementary products to support your therapy.

In addition to selling therapy accessories, Breezy also offers individual purchase consultations to its customers.

* Remote treatment is not possible in every case, but only under the conditions that in compliance with recognized professional standards within the meaning of § 630a BGB (according to the current state of scientific knowledge, medical experience, which is necessary to achieve the medical treatment goal and has proven itself in testing) depending on the clinical picture, no personal contact between doctor and patient is required.