Medical cannabis for the natural treatment of your ailments

As Germany's leading provider of therapy with medical cannabis (containing THC) or pure CBD, Algea Care arranges the treatment of your symptoms with natural medicines. Our uniquely simple process allows you to start your therapy at any time - from the comfort of your own home.

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Typical symptoms that can be relieved with a cannabinoid therapy:

Chronic pain
Sleep disorders

How does it work?



Simply answer our digital questionnaire from home. Our team will get back to you with the next steps.



We will now send you forms to fill out digitally. Based on your answers, we will assess whether our doctors can help you with medical cannabis.


Medical check

Our doctors evaluate your data free of charge. After our internal review, you can start planning your first appointment.


Initial interview

The initial consultation in one of our 14 locations in Germany is the prelude to your treatment. All future appointments will be held digitally via video consultation (as medically justifiable).


Digital follow-up appointments

After the initial consultation, you will only meet us and your doctor digitally - and your cannabis medications can be shipped to you from a mail-order pharmacy of your choice.

Our offer is free of charge until your first appointment. You can easily have our doctors check from home whether cannabinoid therapy could alleviate your symptoms.

"Our digital onboarding is easy for new patients to do from home - and our doctors can focus entirely on personalized treatment rather than bureaucratic processes."

- Dr. Julian Wichmann, Founder & Managing Director

Health redesigned. For you.

Digital onboarding: Simply start from home

First appointment at one of our locations throughout Germany

Individual digital follow-up treatment 7 days a week

No cost until your first appointment

Medicine tailored to your personal needs: That is what we are committed to. Diseases and people are individual, and so, they must be treated individually. At Algea Care, we exploit the possibilities of telemedicine and enable our patients to be cared for easily from home. As a result, we simplify medical treatment for patients and doctors alike, leaving more time for personal and individual therapy.

"My drive and motivation have improved a lot. I also notice that by adjusting the dosage, I am much more focused during the day and it is easier for me to face my fears."

- Bernhard R. (37) Patient

"Super friendly and competent! No waiting time for appointments, it is finally made possible for me to live a more worthwhile life without mental negative spirals."

- Thomas H. (35) Patient